Understanding Storage A Little Better

How To Store Your Trailers

Trailers, namely horse trailers and utility trailers, need to be stored out of the way when not in use. This keeps them from rusting out and prevents accidents (the kind that involve hitting a parked trailer that should have been out of the way). Here is how to store your trailers in such a way to keep them nice, clean and ready to use when you need them.

Expand Your Garage and Park the Trailers in the Extra Stalls

You could do this the really expensive way, which is expanding your garage and storing the trailers in the extra garage stalls. Of course, if you ever get a boat or other recreational crafts and they have their own trailers, then your horse trailer and utility trailer will have to go somewhere else again. The expense for these additional stalls to your garage could cost you as much as a small house, so you may want to think about that.

Under a Garage Canopy on the Back of Your Lot

A cheaper option than garage expansion, you can use "pop-up" canopy garage kits. These assemble quickly, like a camping tent, but they are large enough to store your trailers out of the elements. The downside is that you would have to store your trailers in these garage canopies on the back of your lot so that they are not taking up space in the driveway or creating an eyesore on the side lawn of your house.

In Self-Storage Units

Ah, now here is the best solution. For a few dollars a month, you rent self-storage units that are large enough to store your trailers. There are even some storage units that are jumbo-sized, allowing you to store all of your trailers, regardless of type, in the same unit. Everything is off your property, not creating problems with the city or the neighbors, and it is out of the elements and ready for use right when and where you need it. There may even be some of these jumbo storage units close to where you live, and given that most people do not have that much stuff to store, these units are frequently available.

Next, make sure your trailers fit in the unit and are stored according the frequency with which you expect to use them. If you use your utility trailer a lot, put that one up front so that you can just hitch it up and pull it out of the storage unit. If you use your horse trailer only once or twice a year, you can store that one farther back in the unit. Your boat and boat trailer probably goes up front, while your snowmobile trailer goes toward the back. You get the idea.

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Understanding Storage A Little Better

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