Understanding Storage A Little Better

6 Tips For Incorporating Self Storage Into Your Ecommerce Business

Running an eBay or Etsy business is a great way to create a lucrative part-time income stream, or even replace your full-time job while getting to be your own boss. As your business grows, you may find that you need more space to house your inventory, or to set up a quiet home office. A self storage unit at a place like Stadium Storage allows you to grow your eCommerce business and have more space without adding chaos and clutter to your home. Here are six tips for incorporating self storage into your online business:

Use A Storage Unit as a Mini Warehouse

One of the most popular reasons owners of growing eCommerce businesses rent a storage unit is because storage units make great warehouses for your inventory. Instead of piling up your products in the garage and various rooms of your home (and perhaps driving your spouse crazy in the process), you can rent a self storage unit and keep your inventory there. This is especially practical if your eCommerce business involves large items, such as pieces of furniture you refinish and sell.

Set Up a Small Office

If you don't have a dedicated office space at home, consider setting one up in your new storage unit. You get a break from the distractions of being at home while saving serious money compared to renting an office space. A small desk and chair, computer, printer, and wifi (either from the storage unit company or via your phone using a hotspot) are all you need to create a functional office space. Now you have somewhere to quietly update orders, email customers, and track inventory.

Stash Your Packaging Supplies

As eCommerce businesses grow, most sellers soon see the value in having all the packaging materials they need on hand instead of making non-stop trips to the store. All those boxes, labels, and packing materials quickly add up and become inconvenient to keep in your home. Having your own storage unit means having all of your packaging and postage supplies neatly organized with your inventory, making for faster and more efficient shipping for both you and your customers.

Opt for Temperature Control and Electricity

When using a self storage unit for small business purposes, it's important to keep in mind you may need to pay a bit more for extras, including climate control and working electrical outlets. This way, you don't have to worry about your products becoming damaged due to extreme temperatures, which can cause serious financial loss if it happens often. Not all storage units come wired for electricity, but you will want yours to have outlets for a lamp or two as well as your computer, cell phone charger, and any office appliances you decide to keep on hand.

Create Masterpieces

If your eCommerce business involves creating products such as artwork or jewelry, rather than just re-selling, you should definitely consider a self storage unit. This will give you a dedicated quiet space for creating your masterpieces, without any of the interruptions or disruptions of home. This will also make you more efficient, since once you create your products you can simply keep them in the storage unit until they sell.

Consult a Tax Professional

As long as your storage unit is only used for business purposes, you should be able to write off the monthly rent as a business expense each year. It's a good idea to talk to an accountant about this so they can advise you on the documentation you will need.

By following these tips and renting a self storage unit, you will soon be able to scale your online resale business and become more profitable.

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Understanding Storage A Little Better

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