Understanding Storage A Little Better

How To Make Packing And Unpacking Your Moving Truck Less Stressful

While moving is an exciting experience overall, the process requires a lot of legwork which can result in unnecessary stress. Here are a few things you can do to make the process of packing and unpacking your moving truck less stressful on the entire household:

Rent the Truck a Few Days Longer

One of the best ways to take some stress off of your move is to rent your moving truck a little early. Pick the truck up at least a day before you think you'll need it, so you have more than enough time to pack everything up without having to worry about running behind. This will give you time to deal with items that don't fit in the truck like you thought they would and ensure that everything is ready to go when you're scheduled to travel to the new place. You'll also have an opportunity to get to know the truck so you can better control it while traveling. You should also keep the truck rental for a couple of extra days after your move so you can take your time unpacking.

Color Code the Moving Boxes

After getting boxes from your moving company to pack all of your stuff up in, it's a good idea to color code each one, so you know what's in them without having actually to dig through everything. When you know what's inside each box, you can better plan how to pack them on the truck, and you'll know where to put them when unpacking everything at the new house. Instead of having to put all of the boxes in the living room of your new home before going through them and figuring out where to put everything once unpacked, you can put your color coded boxes directly in the rooms they belong in to make unpacking easy. You can color code your boxes with stickers or permanent markers – for example, all of your kitchen items can go in yellow coded boxes while living room stuff goes in brown coded boxes. To purchase packing supplies, click this link.

Plan Some Moving Picnics

During the days that you'll be packing and unpacking your moving truck, the chances are that there won't be a lot of time to cook and prepare meals. Make mealtime convenient while you move by packing picnics on the days that you plan to pack up and empty the moving truck. The evening beforehand, pack a cooler full of fruit, doughnuts, dips, crackers, sandwich fixings, and prepackaged snacks so you everyone in the household can stay fueled throughout the day without having to make a mess in the kitchen. Keep your cooler under a tree by the truck for easy access and to make meal times together quick and easy.

These methods should help make packing and unpacking your moving truck more convenient for everyone in the household.  

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Understanding Storage A Little Better

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