Understanding Storage A Little Better

Storing Your Melissa & Doug Toys For Future Generations

Melissa & Doug brand toys are made with such great quality that they can be passed down from one generation to the next. If you pack and store them properly, they will last throughout several generations of your family and will remain in the same superb condition in which you purchased them. Here, you will learn a few tips that will help you preserve the condition so that even your great-grandchildren can enjoy these imagination-friendly sets years from now.

Wooden Playsets

Melissa & Doug are known for their luxurious castles, dollhouses, and wooden structures. Some of these sets come in multiple pieces and need to be built, while others come in one piece and just need the accessories added to them.

When packing multi-piece sets, if you don't have the instructions, take a minute to go online and track down the printable instruction sheets. You can download the product information directly from the website for most items. If you can't get a copy of the instructions, take pictures of the dismantling process so that you can store the pictures with the set to make it easier to build years from now.

Once you have the set disassembled, you must pack it up carefully. Yes, these sets are made well, but you still need to take the time to wrap each piece with foam packing sheets to keep them from rubbing up against each other during transport and scratching the surfaces.

Don't pack multiple multi-piece sets in one box. It is too easy for the pieces to get mixed and complicate the building process later.

Fully-built sets are easy enough to get ready for storage. Simply wipe down the surfaces, wrap the entire unit with some foam packing sheets and place them inside a box. Just make sure that the set is fully dry before packing it away.

Metal Playthings

Kitchen accessories, tools and other playthings made by Melissa & Doug are made of metal materials. To prevent these things from getting damaged during storage, make sure that each piece is cleaned, dried and wrapped well.

Plush Toys and Puppets

Some of the most popular toys made by Melissa & Doug are their awesome hand-puppets. For the best storage results, go to your local liquor store and ask about receiving some of the boxes with the built-in dividers that are used for the large bottles of liquor and wine.

Each plush toy and/or puppet should be wrapped in tissue paper and the slide down into a slot of its own. This will keep everything from becoming misshaped during years of storage.

All of the Melissa & Doug products will do best in a climate-controlled storage unit. This will help to ensure that the stickers don't peel, the wood doesn't warp and the plush doesn't become ruined by mold. Take your time to prepare the toys for storage, and then, carefully select a secure, climate-controlled storage unit to use to store them in. If you're interested, check into storage by Stop & Store and similar companies.

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Understanding Storage A Little Better

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